WordPress Social Share Buttons

WordPress Social Share Buttons

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Social Media Share Buttons is a simple and functional plugin that lets your website’s visitors share your content in their social media accounts. With this plugin, all you need to get new subscribers and followers in social media is to publish your cool and unique content on your website, and your visitors will do the rest. Your readers will be delighted to have this chance to share your content with their friends just by pressing a share button!

Increase user interaction on your website

Letting your website visitors share your content does more than just promote your site. By observing what kind of articles get shared the most, you can draw conclusions about your visitors’ tastes and interest, and keep their interest in your site alive by publishing just what they like.

Increase your brand’s publicity

With millions of people using social networks every day, having your content shared by your visitors improves your chances of getting noticed. Increasing your brand publicity across the web and getting more social followers opens limitless opportunities for your business.

Get more traffic

The more people share your fantastic content with their social media followers, the more new visitors you get.


  • Sharing your content in virtually any social network – the app offers you a choice of 50+ predefined social media buttons;
  • Sharing your content in as many social networks as you need – the app allows you to display as many buttons as you choose;
  • Controlling the buttons’ visibility – you can choose between fixed or floating buttons;
  • Installing the plugin in the way that works best for you – you can position the buttons at any part of the page you like;
  • Displaying the network name in several different ways – you get to decide how to display the social network name – with symbol, text or a combination of both;
  • 4 predefined icon styles to choose from;
  • 4 combinable color options for the buttons;
  • 3 icon shapes;
  • 5 icon animations;
  • Customizable transparency.